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How it works

We are an established  design studio with 18 years of knowledge in the Home decor Business. Alongside the traditional way to run a business we also have an online collection, which allows us to instantly  reach out to all our worldwide clients in need of creativity 24/7. Selling through e-commerce, direct contact with customers, and worldwide sales agents we are continually promoting and selling the collection in priority markets.  Finally, we also exhibit at many of the international trade shows.


We believe it is in everybody's interests that all the artwork comes under the Pattern Collective name. As an established studio our clients recognise our safe and reliable sales platform. Each of our communications projects are unique and never repeated.

What happens when my design is sold? 

We will update you daily with sales and at the end of each month you will receive a fully itemised sales report for that period. You won't need to worry about transferring files, we will do that all for you at the point of sale.  

Printing your designs and forwarding artwork onto the client is all part of our service. 

Join our team

Once your designs are part of our portfolio your art is available for our international sales team to promote. We inform clients when new art is added to the  site and we are continually selecting art for clients specific briefs as well as working together on commissions.  Clients are regularly contacted with our latest Trend Stories, as each new collection is designed with story!

Shows are an important part of our sales calendar and we participate or attend all the major shows around the world, including Heimtex | Frankfurt, Intertextile | Shanghai, Evolution | Amsterdam. There are also many more local shows we exhibit at in collaboration with our sales agents. 

Pattern Collective has an established global client base and has created unique relationships with major companies worldwideOur portfolio 

can been seen in USA, Canada, South America, Asia, Australia, South Africa  UK and all European countries.  

With our international scope and forward thinking vision of colour, atmosphere, style, prints, materials and design our trends are a vital  part of our collection. This can be seen in our Trend Stories.  Our team translates this into the collection for the seasons look. We will also provide  you with a range of design resources to help achieve this.  It's essential that the art  links and flows throughout the collection to tell a story. 

Payments & copyright 

All artwork is sold for the highest price possible, on an exclusive basis whereby all rights are passed to the buyer on completion of sale. We endeavour to negotiate the very best prices available within the Interiors market, however prices may vary for quantity discounts and it is also important to take into account that prices differ across different markets.  We work in a range of  currencies but will always translate prices back in to GBP sterling.  

At the end of each month you will receive a payment report followed by an instant wire transfer into your account made in GBP sterling. In that month, you will be paid for all designs whereby we have received payment from the client.  Standard business credit terms with our clients are generally 30 to 60 days.  

So that we are both clear from the beginning about our responsibilities,  we ask you to sign a contract of service between us.  This covers areas such as copyright responsibilities, notice for ending the representation and other important items. 

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